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20 Things I Care About More Than the Oscars

*how many hot dogs are in the fridge
*YouTube videos of old Fraggle Rock episodes
*why Macy’s pretends that every weekend’s 1 Day Sale is the only one that they’ll ever have
*how many peanuts are in this jar
*the fact that my cat is sitting on my ankles and licking herself
*why I want to have Seth Rogan’s babies
*the bipartisan debate over, well, everything
*how much I despise Ben Stiller, Will Ferrell, and the entire cast of High School Musical
*who makes these fabulous socks
*why none of the waiters at my favorite diner speak English
*Tina Fey (Talented and gorgeous, is there nothing this woman can’t do?)
*the curling iron burn on my neck
*what color I’m going to paint my nails next time Kyle leaves the house
*why Sarah Jessica Parker insists on wearing the most ridiculous clothing possible
*why the world sees Sarah Jessica Parker wearing the most ridiculous clothing possible and calls it high fashion
*fruit snacks
*when I’m going to finish all the ironing
*how in the hell we’re going to afford the lifestyle that we enjoy when our bills add up to the exact amount of money that we make

It’s probably worth mentioning that this post was written while sitting on the couch and watching the Oscars. It was that or a Scary Movie marathon.

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  • VeRonda February 24, 2009, 8:48 pm

    Hilarious! I’m totally there with you… all the way up to the fact that I was watching, too, and saying how pretty Sarah’s dress was. Crack up!! And, yes, the Macy’s sale and cat lickage were the best!

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