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Introducing, MonsteRawrMakes!

Ladies and gentlemen, I would officially like to introduce you to MonsteRawrMakes.

MonsteRawrMakes is my Etsy shop for handmade 3D-printed jewelry, and I’m proud to say that it’s finally launching today!

What makes MonsteRawrMakes different for the other seven bazillion people selling 3D printed jewelry (I know, I’ve checked) is my printing material: TPU.

See, more common is the use of PLA in 3D printing. PLA looks like your average industrial plastic, similar in feel to what a plastic spork is made out of. It’s stronger and easier to work with, as TPU has a tendency to be finicky. I’ve used PLA a lot in the past, particularly for housewares like planters or pencil cups.

Little Monster

TPU, on the other hand, is flexible and feels more like most phone cases. And for making jewelry, TPU has one advantage over PLA that renders all of it’s deficits moot: the colors!

TPU is semi-transparent, which gives an extra vibrancy to its colors; when the light shines through it, it almost glows. Combine that with the texture inherent to the many layers–each one less than a quarter of a millimeter thick–that it takes to create each piece, and my jewelry almost seem to shimmer in the light. It’s a look that just doesn’t exist in pieces made with PLA, and it’s what makes MonsteRawrMakes unique.

Oh, and did I mention that one of my colors glows under blacklight? (Or even, in the case of the backstage at work, under very blue light?) Yup. All of my pieces made in Electric Lemon totally glow. Which is pretty badass, if you ask me.

MonsteRawrMakes is for someone who’s not afraid of a little vibrancy in their life. It’s for the person who wants a pop of color without the bulk or heft that usually accompanies statement pieces. (Did I mention that TPU is also incredibly light? Each of my pieces weighs in at less than half an ounce!) It’s for the person who thinks that the idea of printing solid objects is pretty rad, and wants a subtle way to celebrate their nerdiness that’s perceptible only to a fellow nerd. It’s for someone who thinks that black has its place, and that place is next to something splashy.

Welcome to MonsteRawrMakes.


Author’s note: I want to take a moment to thank you, the readers of this here little blog of mine. You (some of you, anyway) have been with me for nine years (holy shit!) and almost 300 posts, and it’s been an absolute blast. I’ve met some amazing human beings through this little portal into my world, and it’s given me a wonderful (and necessary) outlet for my creative energy. So thank you for reading.

Now, to the part you give a shit about. To thank you for coming back and continuing to listen to this little monster “rawr” after all these years (no matter how many times I’ve seemingly abandoned you,) I’m offering 20% off all orders to readers of my blog! (Through Feb 9th.) Just use the coupon code MONSTERAWR at checkout. 

Because that’s how much I love you.


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  • Karen February 2, 2018, 11:12 am

    Break a leg!!! (not really) but bestest wishes for your success…. Love love love it!!! and the robot-pot is adorable!!

    • Stephanie February 2, 2018, 3:20 pm

      You’re the sweetest. And thanks!

  • Kristin @ Camels & Chocolate February 2, 2018, 9:14 pm

    Love love LOVE. And you, my dear, are stunning!

    • Stephanie February 2, 2018, 9:52 pm

      Dammit, you’re making me blush! And thank you! (You amazing human being, you.)

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