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More Bad-Ass Blogs

These are the blogs that I read on a daily hourly basis.

allison writes

Awkward Sex and the City

The Barreness

The Bloggess

Camels and Chocolate

Charm City Kim

Childhood Trauma

ChinkyMel’s Corner


Feelings for Breakfast!

Hyperbole and a Half

I’m Better In Real Life

Jenbug Blogs

Kyle’s SmugMug*

Long Winded & Proud

An MBA is Forever

Miss Melicious

Not the Mermaid

The Oatmeal


Red Means Go

Rachel Mannone on deviantART**

Sara Swears a Lot

The Scrappy Octopus

Smells Like Happy

Step 3: …profit!

Sugar Free Thoughts

two L’s please

The Un Mom

Van Sandt Designs***

Working Girl Blog

You idiot!

*Did I mention that my husband is crazy amazing photographer?  I know, I’m shameless.  And biased.

**Except this one.  This is the website for the awesome artist who designed my monster banner.  Definitely check this one out, though, she’s got some pretty fab sculpture work.

***And this one.  This one is Kyle’s and my website for our theatre design work.  But you should still check it out because it’s pretty bad-ass.