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The Numbers of Going Home

Number of Swedish Fish consumed: 25

Number of 50 foot crosses seen along the highway: 2

Number of 50 foot crosses standing next to a porn super center/strip club: 1

Number of geek podcasts listened to: a lot

Number of times I fell asleep listening to geek podcasts: a lot

Number of billboards trying to save my soul and/or my unborn child: 33

Number of times burn lotion was applied to the severe sunburn I got from holding steel pieces while Kyle welded them to set: 6

Number of cats that hate me for leaving them in boarding all week: 2

Number of people who are estatic to be back in their Atlanta apartment watching Frontline and eating Chinese: 2

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  • doahleigh April 13, 2009, 8:42 am

    Oh the 50 foot highway crosses. An American icon…

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