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Seven Reasons Smackdown-Part 3

I’ve got to admit guys, today has been a rough one.  I’m still fighting with whatever this bug is that my husband so kindly passed on to me, (thanks, honey,) and my dad was just informed today that after up-rooting his life, moving to friggin’ Nowheresville, Minnesota, and working for 10 months his department is being dissolved.  Apparently there’s just not enough money to be made in the touch screen industry, even with the iPhone contract.  Luckily for me, the argument that “7 Reasons the 21st Century is Making You Miserable” presents in part 3 is especially weak, and shouldn’t take much energy to totally decimate.

#3. Texting is a shitty way to communicate.

Okay, this statement I have to agree with.  I hate texting as a form of conversation with a flying passion.  It’s insanely tedious, and it takes forever to type out the simplest messages.  Just friggin’ call me already!

But that’s not why the author hates texting.  He hates it because it’s too easy for people to misinterpret what you say, and if they don’t really know what you’re saying then how do they really know who you are as a person?

I know, it’s weak, right?

First of all, explain to me how reading a series of texts is different from reading a letter?  (I mean, besides all the retarded ‘lol’s and ‘idk’s and whatnot…I hate those.)  For that matter, how is it different from reading written text in the form of a novel or an article?  Regardless of whether the message is typed, penned, or smeared in one’s own blood, there is always a chance of misinterpretation.  I like to think that we as intelligent human beings have developed linguistically enough to gain a fairly decent meaning from printed word.  I mean, I’m pretty sure there was an entire section on the SAT testing my ability to do so.  It’s a basic skill that most of us with a high school degree posses.  If not, I know a loooot of English teachers who are going to be really pissed.

Besides, correct me if I’m wrong, but if you know a person even remotely well, it’s pretty easy to know what they’re getting at.  Especially for those of us who have grown up with AIM as a permenate fixture in our relationships, we’re surprisingly skilled at communicating our thoughts via text and understanding the ones we recieve.  We may not be able to intellegently discuss Shakespeare, but we can break up with someone via e-mail or facebook with ease and grace.  I mean, I was dumped via e-mail and I sure as hell got the message.

And on that note, my husband’s waiting for me in bed.  With kittens.  Kittens, people!

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