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I tried to think of a witty title but all I could think of was Donkey from Shrek singing “On the Road Again” so…there you go.

So, some of you may have noticed that my postings have been more sparse as of late.  Most of you probably did not.  But now that I’ve mentioned it, even if you still aren’t really bothered by it you’re probably at least curious to know if there’s at least a good story behind it.  I mean, it seems like something I wouldn’t have mentioned if there wasn’t a story coming, right?

While there is a story, of sorts, it’s not of the particularly juicy variety.  No, I haven’t taken a side job running sting operations for the police department and trying to get people to sell me heroin.  No, I didn’t come into so money due to the death of a long-lost great-aunt and have to spend the last week spending her $5.8 million or I wouldn’t get to keep any of it.   And no, I didn’t commit myself to the task of teaching orangutans to perform menial tasks.*

The truth is, we’re moving.  Maybe twice.

You see, as previously discussed, Kyle and I will be packing up and moving to Wichita, KS for 12 weeks.**  Most of our non-essentials will stay in our apartment here in Atlanta, but us, our cats, and as much of our household we can cram into 2 foreign cars will be spending the summer in a tiny apartment in Wichita.  And in 12 weeks, coming back.

Now, in theory, we would then re-integrate our summer crap back into our Atlanta crap and pick up our lives where we left off.  Except that as of today, the school where Kyle teaches has not offered him a renewed contract.  Apparently they’re currently about $60 million in the hole, and to cut spending they decided to lay off not renew all the first year teachers.  Now, since Kyle is the only Technical Director in the entire district, his boss is “pretty sure” that he’ll get offered a contract.  Buuuut, if he does, it won’t be offered until mid-to-late June, which is pretty late in the summer to find out that you’re unemployed.  We need to be looking for our next gigs NOW!  We just don’t feel comfortable gambling on our livelihood

So for right now, it’s a race to see who gets us.  We’re both sending out resumes***, and whoever gives us the best offer first, wins.  If Kyle’s current boss can offer him a contract before anyone else does, we’ll stay in Atlanta.  But if the teaching gig in Philadelphia or the Assistant Technical Director gig in Milwaukee or the Technical Director gig in New Orleans**** offers him something first…we’re going to have to take it.  Neither one of us is particularly excited about the prospect of a hardcore move, but we’re even less excited about being homeless.  It’s this thing we have.

So for the next week-and-a-half, posts may be a little sparse as I’ll be packing boxes, mucking out the fridge, and getting ready to move our life to Wichita.  But tune in tomorrow, when we try doping our cats up to their eyeballs***** in preparation for their 14 hour car ride.

*Unless you count yelling at my husband for throwing his clothes on the floor 6 inches from the laundry basket.

**Which frankly, is about how long I can stand living in Kansas.  I mean, they sell 3.2 beer for chrissake!  Have you tasted that shit?  It’s not even beer so much as just piss-water.

***Okay, I’m lying.  He’s the only one actually sending out resumes because he’s the only one actually finding job postings that he can apply for.  Electrician jobs right now are rarer than a Saturday without beer.  But I’m looking.

****I told Kyle that the only way that I could reconcile myself with living in Louisiana was if we lived above a gay porn shop that specialized in double-ended dildos.  Then I think I’d be okay with it.

*****The vet said we could, I swear.  She didn’t mention anything about us being doped up to our eyeballs, but I’m pretty sure it’s necessary for full effectiveness.

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  • barmaid May 15, 2009, 11:39 am

    I love moving, but it is a lot more fun when it’s voluntary and planned. I hope it all works out for you!

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