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Holy shit, I’m brilliant! or I also dreamed about nachos.

Those of you who’ve been following this-here little bloggy-blog may attest to the fact that my posts usally come late at night, somewhere in the midnight region.  I do this for two reasons: this gives me the chance to see if anything interesting happens during the day, and I’m just generally more crative in the evening hours.  Generally, I can’t handle anything more complicated than Spongebob before about 9:30am.  So why today’s pre-dawn post?

Something miraculous has happened.  I had a dream last night.  And that dream revealed to me that my subconcious is apparently a marketing genius.

I dreamed that Kyle had found a great electronics website (a la Newegg,) that he would not shut up about.  This website sent out an e-mail everyday, telling all about some of the deals of the day, and at the bottom, it would say something to the effect of, “Okay guys, somewhere on this website is a plasma tv for $20 shipped.  There’s only one, so the first person to click on the link gets it.”  In my dream, you found the tv if you clicked on a certain color choice for a remote control armadillo.  (Which was also pretty badass…you could make it roll up into a ball and zoom around the room.)  It was a different product hidden in a different place every day, but it was always a stupidly amazing deal.

Now, I’ve never considered myself a business person.  But tell me that isn’t kind-of a badass idea.  Sure, you’d be taking a loss by selling something at a retardedly low price, but you’d get tons of traffic on your site and people would be forced to really explore your website and view all your products.  And surely that would lead to a rise in regular sales.  Even if it was only done on, say, Tuesdays.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some more market research to do.

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  • Carrie March 11, 2009, 8:14 am

    I’m still back on the remote control armadillo . . .

  • Expat Mom March 12, 2009, 8:17 pm

    Hmmm, I`m liking the rolling remote . . . would it come on command? Though my kids would probably lose it like they lose all their balls.

    As for a marketing idea, it does sound good, but the math would need to work out. 🙂

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