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An Ode to the Somebody of Nothing

There’s a little someone I’d like you all to meet.  Some of you might already know her, but just in case you don’t…

Meet Allison.  She writes.  Really well.

Allison keeps giving me awards.  Like this one.

Which is awesome, because I love awards, but also really weird, because, well, Allison is an real writer.  I let my cat walk across the keyboard and see if anything coherent comes out.

But what’s really cool about Allison, is that she writes about nothing.


Well, not nothing in their significance.  Nothing in that she writes about everything.  She writes about her life, both the exciting and the banal.  What’s so admirable is that somehow, she somehow makes it all significant, or at least interesting.  Take this post.  It’s not very long, and she wrote about getting a bee stuck in her hair, broken floss sticks, and wearing pink.  There’s nothing earth-shattering there.  But somehow, when I read that post, it all seems so connected and important, almost like poetry.  It’s just…lovely.

Which is why you should go read her blog.  It will enrich your life, amuse you, help you get rich, and give you rock-hard abs.

(Okay, maybe just the first two.)

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