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9 Awesome Things I Did While Our Internet Was Down

Actually, our internet is still down.  And husband just announced that he decided to switch to a different internet company, so our internet will be hooked up on Friday instead of tomorrow.  In related news, the body of a 23 year old man was just found on my front porch.  Cause of death: bludgeon to the head with victim’s own laptop.

But I digress.

1) Moved a 2-bedroom apartment into a studio apartment.  Also made it at least 6 hours without trying to murder my husband.  We’re very proud of ourselves.

2) Flew with husband down to New “Orleans to spec potential jobs and neighborhoods.  Freakin amazing city.  All the cool stuff of New York City, but instead of stealing your tires your neighbors make you pie.

3) While in New Orleans, went out to dinner with (hopefully) new bosses.  I don’t know who’s credit card we were using, but I don’t think it belonged to anyone at the table since 6 appetizers, several fillets, and 2 bottles of wine were ordered.  I got to eat a dessert called “The Infamous Chocolate-Bacon Torte.”    I think it was served by Jesus.

4) Hooked up the disco ball in the electrics shop by standing on the top step of an extremely wobbly wooden ladder.  Saw my life flash before my eyes; decided that it needed more beer.

5) Went to a minor league baseball game with husband and friends.  A red team was playing a blue team.  More importantly, there were $1 Shiner Bochs.  Got silly.  (Which is drunk enough to heckle players and egg on friend who goes down on the field to compete in a race with a giant hot dog.)

6) Went to the Old Chicago bar to watch the Red Wings win the semi-finals.  Was very excited to find other Wings fans living in this hockey-less hellhole.  Ate an expensive calzone and drank expensive beer.  Got felty.  (Which is a few steps below silly; drunk enough to scream expletives involving the promiscuity of a player’s mother while banging my fists on the bar and make outrageous bets with other patrons.)

7) Went to another baseball game, which was even more awesome when we discovered that with a student ID admission is free.  (So technically we’re not students anymore, but we’re broke like students.)  Drank lots and lots of $1 beers.  Ended the night at a dive bar with nachos and more beer.  Got schnockered.  (Which is drunker than silly; drunk enough to make up loud songs about the poor technique of the blue team players and use the wrong gender’s public restrooms.)

8 ) Enjoyed another Wings game at Old Chicago, (and more beer and yelling,) followed by a crew member’s house party.  Partook in Frito’s and artichoke dip and a lovely vintage of Jungle Juice that tasted like Sweet Tarts and was served from a sports water cooler.  Had some lovely conversations, threw plastic cups at the carpenters sitting in the tree, and cheered on the Frisbee game taking place in the intersection.  Got pickled.  (Which is a few steps above shnockered; drunk enough that I held an entire conversation with my hand in another girl’s dress pocket, fell down a single stair, hid under the kitchen table when Kyle told me it was time to leave, and woke up this morning with a small cut on my hand that I don’t remember getting.)

9) Went to work today only slightly hungover.  In order to kill time while our bosses fixed the printer we ran for QuikTrip slushies and played Hangman.  My category was “The Saddest Thing You Can Think Of.”  The answer was “dead puppies wearing party hats.”

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  • joy refurbished June 1, 2009, 9:10 am

    Sounds like you AND your liver had a very eventful weekend 🙂
    I may be visiting New Orleans soon (cross fingers here). I hope it is a fun as you say.

  • Charm City Kim June 2, 2009, 1:14 pm

    Desserts by Jesus? Sign me up!

    And agreed on the saddest thing… but the real question is, who would put a party hat on a dead puppy? Or did the puppies die from partying TOO hard?

  • Trixie June 6, 2009, 4:29 pm

    I love it when Jesus serves me stuff. Plus he’s the only one who can make bacon & chocolate taste good together. It’s a gift, really.

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