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Write on, coding wizard. Write on.

There are lots of things that I’m good at.

I’m good at designing lights for dance. I’m good at making cheesecake. I’m good at skiing.

And then there are things that I’m not good at.

I’m not good at car repair. I’m terrible at drawing. Do not ask me to do a cartwheel.

And then, there’s a third category of skill sets. Skill sets that, not only can I not do, but the fact that anyone at all can do them completely mystifies me. When a person does these particular skills, to me it’s like they’re doing magic, because I can’t even wrap my brain around how a person goes about learning to do what they do.

Carpentry. Anything involving chemistry. Playing the marimba. Computer programming.

The beautiful thing about life though, is that there are people who know how to perform that magic. And sometimes, they happen to be awesome friends who are willing to use said magic for good. (Or at least to save a person’s ass.)

Meet Lindsey.


Lindsey is a friend from high school. We live in different cities, and are lousy at staying in touch. Sometimes, we go a year with little more than a Facebook birthday wish or a ‘like’. But the cool thing about Lindsey is that even if it goes too long between chats, she’s still a sweet, smart, funny person (not to mention a kickass writer) who always has time to catch up.

She is also one of those people who knows the alchemy of computer programming. And is willing to use her powers for good.

The entire reason that you are able to read this post -this one, right here- is because Lindsey worked her programming magic for me. She will tell you that it was something simple that happens to WordPress sites all the time, and it was not a big deal. In fact, she did tell me that very thing, after the 45 seconds it took her to fix the problem. But the reality of the matter is that before 10 minutes ago, I was locked out of my very own blog with zero idea of what to even google to figure out what the problem was. And now, I’m typing away, happy as a clam.

Motherfucking magic.

So, in short, a zillion bajillion thanks to the programming wizard, word ninja, and generally awesome human being that is Lindsey.

Write on.

*Full disclosure, I did not take that gorgeous picture of Lindsey, and I don’t know who did. I did, however, swipe it from her Facebook page. If there is someone who would like credit for it, please speak up, and I am more than happy to give credit where credit is due. If not…I guess just go on with your lives.
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  • smilee January 28, 2016, 4:59 pm

    Please extend a ‘Thank you’ from an otherwise silent lurker to your friend Lindsey. :=)

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