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Where Are You: A Letter to Snow

Dear Snow,

I know no one else wants you. They groan when you’re forecasted. They curse the cold you live in, the wetness you leave, the inconveniences that you cause. The recent bout of warmer December whether? Has been a reason for excitement and celebration. People have been thrilled that you’ve thus far stayed away. And who wants to be force themselves somewhere that they’re not wanted?

I get it. Your feelings are hurt.

I’m sorry everyone else is being such a dick, but know that I want you. I need you. Your lack of presence here in upstate New York has been a cause of distress for myself and Kyle. Why, you ask? Well, because where everyone else looks at you and sees nasty roads and driveways to shovel, we look at you and see a fantastic day of skiing. We love skiing. It’s quite possibly one of our favorite things to do. But in order to go out and kick mountain ass, we need you. Lots and lots and lots of you. Piles and piles, foot after foot of you covering the mountain in thick, fluffy blankets.

Still unconvinced?

This is an awesome day of skiing:




This…is not so much:

Lame Gore



See that? See how sad that second picture makes us? But it doesn’t have to be like this. It could be more like the second picture. You just need to come back to us.

But don’t just think that I want you for your volume. You could be more than just a playground to me. See, while everyone else is looking outside and thinking, “Yay, no shoveling!” I look outside and feel…gloomy. The gray skies, the snow, the brown everywhere; it gives me the blahs.

I mean, it’s not totally your fault. It’s this time of year, too. We’ve been so, so busy with work lately. Christmas show after Christmas show, working hard and busting our balls to give others a warm and fuzzy holiday season, while getting to enjoy little of it ourselves. And with all the bad news that’s been raining down on the world lately, it seems like the universe is just down in the dumps. I desperately want to feel happy and joyous in this precious time of year, but it’s just so hard to feel the warmth and love and fuzz of the season when all I see is work and concrete and gray and rain. But the glittery beauty of freshly fallen snow, the quiet whisper of blanketed trees, the quickness my heart feels when I see the tiny white crystals sighing to the ground, would go a long way towards lifting my heart and bringing the brightness back to my smile.

So I’ll make you a deal, Snow. I’m going to take responsibility for my shitty mood and try to erase my own blahs. I’m going to spend the rest of  my day decorating our porch in Christmas lights, and maybe bake some cookies for the crew tomorrow. I’m going to listen to John Denver and the Muppet’s Christmas album. And I’m going to make myself be happy. And in return, how about you help me out and make my world a little more magical, a little more beautiful.

Make me shiver with excitement.



2012-11-27 10.44.40

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  • Jenbug December 17, 2012, 2:55 pm

    Can this be a petition for Snow’s return? I’d sign!

  • Christine December 17, 2012, 9:19 pm

    If you need holiday distraction, and have daylight hours free, we could brave the stores together?

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