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The Bleeps, The Sweeps, and the Creeps

(Well, not creeps so much but you get the point. It was the comedic effect I was going after.)

This post is one that I stole from Allison over at Allison Writes. Only she calls hers (adorably) “Blips of Life,” and includes cute pictures of cupcakes and squirrels and short little captions about each one. Well, I’m not that cute, nor can I sum things up so easily in so few words, hence the title. But the concept is the same: small moments of my life as of late, captured in photo form. Just chunkier.

Here we go.


A few weeks ago, Kyle and I finally had the first part of a Saturday off and were able to participate in our first Saratoga Springs Chowderfest. Which was wicked fun and full of delicious chowder. I loved getting to taste all the different offerings, and celebrate some of my favorite local restaurants. Plus, with 47 businesses offering chowder and 4oz servings, it became kind-of a strategy game to make sure that we didn’t waste our precious time and stomach space on anything other than the best.


Kyle sampling chowder. Not sure what the suspicious look is about…//Kyle hates this picture of himself. I think it’s adorable. You be the judge.//Comfort Kitchen may have been only my second favorite in the chowder department, but they definitely had my first favorite Chowderfest poster.//Love me some chowder!

(Oh, also, you might have noticed that I dyed my hair purple. Yeah, that happened. Due to life and its current over-abundance of sixteen hour work days, this is actually the only picture that exists of my current hair color. Terrible I know. When I first went purple, I wasn’t really sold on it; it felt too dark and masculine and a little emo. But now that it’s broken in a little and the color’s softened some I’m really digging it.)

As always, work. Work. More work. Lots of work. Enough work to challenge my health, my sanity, my relationship, and my waistline.


I forgot to pack a fork with which to eat my pasta, so I dug up a plastic fork, took some diagonal cutters to it, and fashioned myself a spork. Wouldn’t win me any awards in grace or etiquette, but it got the food to my mouth.//This is quite possible some of the sexiest lighting I’ve seen in a while. The LD for Grace Potter and the Nocturnals took two Sharpy lighting fixtures and focused a hard edge at two $10 disco balls. It looked like a star exploded. Sooooooo cool!//Thanks to my kickass boss/husband, we got to demo some LED lighting fixtures for the governor’s big speech. It was so amazing to work with units that didn’t have uneven optics and wouldn’t get hot no matter how long we left them on. I may or may not have cried a little when we had to send them back.

And our seasonal standard counterpart to work, skiing!


I tackled my first double-black diamond run last week. Successfully. Without being hauled off on a sled by ski patrol. //Victory!  (Also, I swear that hill looks way scarier from the top than the bottom. I promise you, from the top it was terrifying.)//I know it’s hard to tell what you’re looking at, but this one is actually Kyle successfully navigating a black diamond run covered with bumped up snow. It’s really hard to do without wiping out and ending up in the trees (like I did), and I’m very proud of him for kicking that hill’s ass!


And our Little Monsters.

Little Monsters

Allyse being caught in the most undignified position a cat can be in without actually licking her asshole.//Keeping watch over the backyard. //Mila was sleeping on a pile of towels while I folded laundry, so I tucked her in. In other news, if karma is a thing I want to come back in my next life as my cats. Bitches have it too fucking good.

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  • Kate February 24, 2013, 10:11 am

    1: This is about the best form of blogging I’ve seen and may be the best way for me to actually keep up with it. I’m absolutely totally stealing it!

    2: The chowder rest looked awesome, then I noticed how bundled up you two are and now I’m thinking it just looks too cold

    3: The only colour I’ve ever wanted to dye my hair is purple, which means I am wildly jealous of yours now.

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