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Rawring at Cancer

So, my fabulous cousin Jenny and the Purdue Student Engineering Foundation are participating in Relay For Life this year, and they’re asking for your help.  Okay, actually Jenny doesn’t know I’m doing this.  But I’m so impressed that people younger than me are getting out there and working to help make the world a better place when all I can do is sit on my ass and bitch about it.  So this is my way of doing my tiny (and slightly weak) part.

So I’m asking for them: please, if it’s within your means, donate a little to Relay For Life.  Cancer is wide reaching, and few can say that they’ve never been touched by it.  I, myself, have watched both a grandmother and my mother fight various forms of cancer.  My grandmother has fought and survived lymphoma twice.  (I’ve got a fiesty grandma.)  My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer during my freshman year of high school, and underwent a mastectomy, chemotherapy, and radiation.  She has been cancer free for almost 8 years now.  I’m sure that many of you have your own stories of victory and loss.

Cancer sucks, people!  I know this, you know this.  So please, if you can, donate to this cause.  Jenny’s goal is $200, which if you think about it is tiny.  I mean, shit, I see people spend that on clothing without blinking an eye every day.  For the price of 9 double cheeseburgers, 11 tacos, or 18 pudding cups, (I’m hungry, shut up,) you can help her get a little closer to her goal, and us a little closer to a world without cancer.

So here‘s the link to donate to Jenny’s team.  And thank you, even if it’s just for listening to my sap.  Though a donation would be nice.  Seriously.

PS-For those of you who make it to the donation site, don’t be deterred by her name.  It’s not a scam; my mother’s maiden name is actually Money.  Yeah, her childhood sucked a little.

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