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Just Call Me Motherfucking Nature

I’ve long suspected that I am awesome.  But today, I got my proof.  I confirmed that I, Stephanie Van Sandt, control the weather. (But subconsciously, because I don’t know I’m doing it.)

Example: We moved to Saratoga Springs, NY, where snowfalls are known to be on the epic side and skiing is supposed to be plentiful.  Kyle’s been dying to go all season, but due to schedules, it’s never worked out.  Except the last two weeks, which I had off.  So Kyle decides two weeks ago that come Monday, we’re going skiing.  I do not want to go skiing, because I don’t really know how and I have yet to find ski pants that weren’t made for an anorexic Etheopia, and I refuse to feel clumsy and fat in the same day.  But I can’t really say no.  Which is clearly why I made it be 40 degrees and sunny last weekend so that by Monday, all the snow was gone.  Gone.  No skiing for Stephanie!  Thanks, me!

Example: As previously stated, I’ve had the last two weeks off.  (This is a slow month for us, lay off.)  About half-way through, Kyle got sick with the “crap;” you know, when you’re tired and you’re nose is stuffed and runny and your sinuses hurt and you feel yucky and take it upon yourself to be a general pain in the ass.  I, on the other hand, felt just dandy, and was very productive.  Until Tuesday night, when the back of my throat started to feel yucky.  (Yes, that is a medical term.  Shut up, I’m sick.)  Which was timed impeccably, considering there was a 7am call scheduled for Wednesday morning, followed by a gig on Thursday.  I knew I was starting to get sick, (thanks, Kyle,) but what can I do?  It’s not like I can call in sick my first day back to work after two weeks off!  Which is clearly why I made it dump two feet of wet snow on Saratoga Springs, causing my boss to tell me not to bother trying to make it to Albany for the event Wednesday morning and my boss’ boss to postpone the event on Thursday.  Obviously my subconscious knew that I was getting sick, and wanted to give me an extra two days off and not make me get up at 5am this morning.  Thanks, me!

Okay, so I only have two examples, but clearly that’s because my powers are new and still developing.   And with my budding powers, I will surly be able to whip up something, (like a blizzard or hurricane or sandstorm, I’m not picky,) next week so that I can have my birthday off.

Happy birthday to me.


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  • Camels & Chocolate February 26, 2010, 10:43 am

    Oooh a fellow Pisces! I knew there was a(n additional) reason I adore you so–birds of a feather 😉

  • adriana February 26, 2010, 1:58 pm

    🙂 You definitely seem to control the weather! Here’s hoping things work out for you on your birthday!

  • Ben/Kate March 1, 2010, 12:08 pm

    If you want to help yourself out a bit, you can pull the coldness from my southernly state to help you out getting those snow days–I’m so far past winter that I’ve been wearing sandals as a form of protest all week.

  • Charm City Kim March 2, 2010, 8:05 am

    Happy birthday!

    (I’m a little frightened of your ability to control the weather!)

  • ChinkyGirLMeL March 4, 2010, 8:17 am

    Oh wow! Please control the weather down here in the Philippines, It is just soooooooooooo freakin hot. hehehehehe.

    Advance happy birthday sweetie. =)

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