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It’s Wrist-Slashingly Fun!

This isn’t a real post.

This is an excuse.

This is my way of explaining the fact that I haven’t posted in 4 days, a record that I’m not proud to hold.  The thing is, there’s just been a lot of…well, shit going on.  I can’t really go into details because Kyle and I would both like to keep our jobs for the time being, and I don’t trust that those with the power to fire either of us won’t read this and take it the wrong way.  But let’s just say that for some reason this week my time is at a premium, and everyone seems to think that they hold the rights to all of it.  Thus I get to spend all my time working for various people, and none of it is work that I enjoy; it’s frustrating, infuriating, and pretty much makes me hate my life.  I’m doing work  for people I can’t stand doing jobs that are frustrating and irritating and all of it goes against everything that I stand for and hold dear.  But for a multitude of reasons, be it money or love, it’s work that I have to do.  So I scream a lot, I cry a lot, I imagine stabbing people in the face a lot, and I take my anger out on my own body by eating too many french fries…a lot.

The good news is that a large chunk of it should be finished very soon, and hopefully the insanity will subside.  And hopefully, I’ll be able to get back to my life.  (Which does, despite popular belief, involve things that don’t require a high speed internet connection.)  Until then, I implore you all to be patient, and think some sweet thoughts in my direction.

god knows i need them.

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