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Seven Reason Smackdown-Part 6

So, I’m not gonna lie.  When I sat down to write today’s post, I was feeling a little burnt out of the 7 Reason Smackdown.  The anger than I once felt towards this asshat had cooled, and I’d lost interest.  I was trying to decide if it was worth finishing or not.

And then I re-read the article.

Now I’m mad again.

#6. We’re victims of the Outrage Machine.

(For those just joining the game, here’s the original article.)

Apparently, this week’s reason for our misery is that “the media,” (especially those evil blogs,) use outrage and anger in order to win readership.  They purposely say ridiculous and outrageous things (like why the 21st century is my life miserable) that they know readers will find infuriating, and thus will read the article  in order to find out how someone could actually claim ridiculous and outrageous things (like why the 21st century is making me miserable.)  If only things were the way they used to be back in the good old days, when there were only three channels and one point of view on current events; even if the point of view was wrong, at least it was one that we all shared.

First of all, I feel insulted that this guy is using a blog to voice his opinion that blogs that voice opinions are making me miserable.  It’s not only contradictory and hypocritical, but it insults my intelligence.

Second of all, I want to know where this guy gets his news from that world events are reported in such an inflamatory manner that we all feel that the apocalyps is upon us.  I’m guessing either FoxNews.com (“fair and balanced,” my ass) or PerezHilton.com.  Personally, I get my news from Reuters.com  The most outrageous headline on their front page?  “Oscars set to shake up their act.”  Oh, those bastards!

But lastly, I cannot believe that this guy actually has the gall to say that we are better off with fewer news sources because at least then we are given a single point of view that we can all agree on, even if they’re wrong.  This idea is outragous, (see, he’s doing it, too,) and goes against the very fabric of American journalism.  I mean, blogs were friggin’ invented to give people an outlet in which to voice their opinions.  With endless sources of new and opinions at our fingertips, we are exposed to every side of the issue, and thus are able to form our own opinions on the matter; with only one viewpoint, we must simply accept it as truth.  Do we really want to go back to the propaganda of the “good old days”?

Even if some of the viewpoint floating out there are batshit crazy conspiracy theories written by hermits in tinfoil hats, at least we’re also exposed to millions of other well thought out and thoroughly researched viewpoints.  Think what you want, but I’d rather be exposed to too many resources than only one.

Besides, where else will I get an outlet in which to warn the world that Nazis are injecting aborted fetuses into babies in order to make them gay Satanist?  ‘Cause CNN sure as hell ain’t interested.

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