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Just a Pill on the Carpet

Some facts for your consideration…

FACT: Every morning, I take 1 birth control pill, which is tiny and white.

FACT: Every morning, my husband takes 1 Clariton, which is tiny and white.

FACT: Every morning, my husband and I force 1 kitty pill down Mila’s throat.  It is tiny and white.

FACT: On Saturday morning, I went to take my Saturday pill only to discover that it had already been removed from its blister pack.  I didn’t freak out, because I was scheduled to begin placebo pills the next day anyway.  I did, however, spend 20 minutes wondering if I’d accidentally given my birth control to the cat, and what the consequences might be.

FACT: On Saturday afternoon, my husband found a pill on the floor of our bedroom.  It was tiny and white.

There was a time in my life in which I would have popped that pill in my mouth without a second thought.  Okay, who am I kidding, I was totally ready to pop it in my mouth, but Kyle wouldn’t let me.  My argument was that there was a 67% chance that not only would it not be lethal, but it would make me feel better.  Kyle’s argument was that only an infant puts things it finds on the floor in its mouth, and do I really want to run the risk of ingesting medication meant to cure bladder infections in cats?  There was no rebuttal, as I was on the floor, taunting the cat with her own tail.

In the end, I put it on the bathroom counter, next Kyle’s electric toothbrush.  I haven’t the heart to to take it, nor the heart to throw it away.  I’m not sure if it represents my maturity or my lack of courage.  Or if it’s just a pill on the counter, that’s tiny and white.

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  • Barmaid May 7, 2009, 9:09 pm

    Ha! I love it! I would have totally taken that pill, and my boyfriend would have been shocked and dismayed…

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